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Killer, after the death of his rapper mate East established a label called Double H (for Hip-Hop) as a merchandising company and then a production label. In a few years, HH became one of the most influential independent labels on the market. When shifting from Universal to Small (Sony), the Hip-Hop Soul Party project became the Cut Killer Show with a first double CD published in 1997 (containing an outro by Jamel Debbouze), followed in 1998 by Operation Freestyle , a record fully dedicated to French underground. In 1999, Cut Killer and his associates produced R&B 2000 , the collective album Double H DJ Crew , but also highly respected artists such as Fabe, Doudou Masta and 113, who managed to make their album Les Princes de la Ville a platinum record to end up winning two "Victoires de la Musique" (French music awards) in 2000. Double H is still developing with a team of street marketing , a clothing line "HH Wear", a publishing company called "Eastory Editions", followed by another production and publishing label "Eastory Production". Besides, Killer is booked by Chaos Prod agency, created by his brother Chakri.

Cut Killer - Mal PartisCut Killer - Mal PartisCut Killer - Mal PartisCut Killer - Mal Partis